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August 7, 2013
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My favorite Memories of being part of the Deviant Art community is meeting new people from other part's of the world and make new friends, experiencing and learning new things that would help me become a more developed artist and looking back on my previous art work it show's how much I went from this My Original Character in my art style by thebeybladefan10 to this Manga Me close up by thebeybladefan10 and also my other best memories are when I met a lot of int interesting people like Versaill, VictoriWind, NoaQep, UmaYorokobi, IrisLullaby, Drag0n-Mistr3ss and a lot of other people, also when I became a member of the :iconloaworldfans: Group.

I enjoy being a part of Deviant Art's community and wish Deviant Art a happy Birthday. :D
My memories of my time here on Deviant Art
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